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Deadly Little Lies

This screenplay, written by Gary Kent and author/columnist Joe O’Connell, is receiving some well deserved attention from Producers, and could very likely be greenlighted in 2011. Set in a small town in Texas, Deadly Little Lies is a classic “Thriller,” loosely based on a true story of hate, deceit, mistaken identity, love and Kharmic redemption. Stay tuned for updates.


Where’s Bassett’s Body?
Written by Gary Kent

This original screenplay won Best Screenplay By a Texas Writer in the Lone Star Screenplay Competition. It depicts the true story of the events surrounding the murder of Naval War Hero James Eugene Bassett, the unusual circumstances that lead to the solution of the mystery, and the sensational trial of the murderers. Many of the principal players are women, including one of the killers, and the two naïve, zany ladies who, along with a Police Sargeant disguised as a Priest, uncover the truth and bring the murders to justice.


More News

Okay, friends, here’s the deal: Laura Wagner, esteemed author and book critic for Classic Images magazine, has just completed her Best/Worst list of books she has reviewed in 2010. Below is a word for word account of the teaser she has just sent me.

“I am working on my December book review column for Classic Images, where I name the Best/Worst books of 2010. I have named Gary Warner Kent’s Shadows and Light: Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood the Best Book Of The Year. I hope everyone will read it — it is worth it.”


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