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“The Press is not only our daily bread, it is our daily sugar pill.”
― T.S. Mathews

“Our Republic and its’ Press, shall rise and fall together…”
― Joseph Pulitzer

Classic Images, #426
Book Review: “Shadows and Light”
Book Points, by Laura Wagner

Dec. 2010

White Rock Lake Weekly, Vol. 2, #18
Article and interview: “Gary Kent and The Pyramid”
by Nancy Black

Oct. 2010

Austin American Statesman
“Texas Book Festival Authors”
Review: “Shadows and Light”

Oct. 2009

Films of The Golden Age, #58
Interview: “Monster Rally Reunion”
by Tom Weaver

Fall, 2009

Austin American Statesman
Interview Q&A: “Gary Kent: Author of Shadows and Light”
by Don DeFore

July 12, 2009

Shock Cinema, #37
Book Review: “Shadows and Light”

January, 2010

Fangoria, #209
Interview: “How To Build A House of 7 Corpses”
by Tom Weaver

August 2009

Austin Monthly
Interview: “The Thrill Killer”
by Alex Hanneford

May 2009

Filmfax, #119
Interview: “Gary Kent, On The Edge of Hollywood, Cult Horror and Cycle Cinema”
by Laurence Fultz, Jr.

Spring 2009

Mass Appeal
Interview: “Freaky Flicks”
by R.A. The Rugged Man

March 2009

Austin Monthly
Article: “Match Game”

July 2008

VideoScope, #63
Cover Story: “Gary Kent, Drive-In Outlaw”
by Brian Albright

Summer 2007

VideoScope #63
“Review: The Forest”

Summer, 2007

Psychotronic Video, Special Issue, # 31
Cover Story: “Gary Kent Interview”
by Robert Plante

Austin American Statesman
“At Holidays, Pain of Grief Can Deepen
(Stuntman offers insight at Austin Talk)”
by Asher Price

December, 2005