Many of our cheap ghostwriters for hire also choose to participate in yearly writing competitions to make sure their skills are still relevant.

April 4, 5, 6, 2013, starts with a bang, which is, more succinctly, Ken Kisch’s CinemaWasteland Expo in Cleveland,Ohio. I, among others, will be one of the Special Guests. Ken puts on a hell of a show, fans love him and “it.” Actually, CinemaWasteland is the envy of the film Expo circuit, admired world wide. Also guesting wil be my ol’ buddy, 42nd St.Pete. We will be doing a couple of sit-down talk sessions, and also appearing on a panel or two.

On January 26th, 2013, I will be attending Robert Stikmanz’ Art and Creativity Celebration, 3000 Weeks, at Kickbutt Cafe in Austin, Texas. For more info on this event, please look up “Confabule” on Facebook.

I have miraculously managed several noteworthy events so far in 2012…including the inaugural event of Caregivers of South Austin…Stories From The Road…held at Towers of Town Lake. Myself and fellow writers Joe O’Connell and Patricia Morse-McNeeley were invited to be guest speakers. Man o man, I was soooo impressed. It was a lovely dinner-meet n greet for these wonderful folks who donate their time and $ to caring for the elderly and infirm who need a hand getting to and from Drs., Dentists, Grocery Store, etc…many times, the people they assist just need a friendly face to talk too. Congrats to our co-ordinator Lindsey Taucher for putting it all together. I was honored to just be there. I was concerned that my reading from my book Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood might be a bit racy for the crowd, so told them if they felt offended by language, etc., please make their way to the bar for another Merlot, and I’d be finished soon. Oddly, no one left, and the laughter and applause were heartwarming. Thank God and the Vapors for making loving, caring humans, that’s all I’m saying….

Feb. 28th: I am looking forward to Monday, Feb. 28 when once again I will be speaking to John Herndon’s “Literary Coffee House,” a gathering of students from ACC creative writing classes. Mr. Herndon has them mingle once a month at Austin Java, on South Lamar Blvd, where the coffee is great and the ambiance conducive to discussion, from the mundane to the profane and intellectually dangerous. I should fit right in.

2011 BOOK LAUNCH: for Bee Bedersen’s new murder mystery “Promises.” Festivities and reading to be held at the new W Hotel on Lavaca, Austin, Texas this Saturday…champagne to flow starting at 5pm. Ms. Pedersen is a prolific author, who’s last book, “Women In War,” won literary plaudits world wide. She is also a very good friend and enlightened humanoid.

April Preview: Okay, its official. I am to be one of the Guest Stars at “>Texasfrightmareweekend” April 29,30,31. Gonna be in Dallas,and some say the hotels are already sold out. The Guest List includes Roger Corman, Don Coscarelli, director of Bubba Ho-Tep, and Bob Ivy (The Mummy). Also on hand will be Kier Dullea (2001 A Space Odd Oddessey) Angus Scrim (Phantsm) et al…I hope I get to see you there, it’s going to be a BLAST!

Francois Pointeau is hip. Francois Pointeau understands the world of the arts, film, etc., but is especially literate in the world of books, journalism, and literature in general. Francois Pointeau is taking the time to chat with me, writer/producer John Herndon, and filmmaker Andrew Thomas over his eclectic show, Writing On The Air. Much roistering rattle and provocative prattle, plus some real info on the art of writing for the Silver Screen. The Show will be broadcast LIVE from 6-7 pm Central Texas Time. You can tune into 91.7 FM if you live in or near Austin, Texas, or you can stream the show by going on and clicking on “listen now”….

42nd St. Pete’s Grindhouse Radio Show, Saturday, over www. at 9pm central. Pete, Todd and I discuss Grindhouse movies, the Golden Age of Independent Film, the past and the present in the world of independent cinema. Uncensored, raw, funny…