Not your usual smiley face stuff

Man goes in to take a bath. Plowee…! Police say they find him dead by gunshot…suicide note beside the tub. Owes movie money to the mob, can’t pay up..takes the usual way out. Just your typical, sad, unvarnished true Hollywood story. But wait…is it really?…The “Producer-Screenwriter” was Rex Carlton. (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Rebel Rousers, et al) Movie historians Larry Fultz and Paul Parla interviewed me for an article they are doing on Rex for an upcoming Filmfax. I knew Rex slightly…learned the following information from the dynamic duo…i.e.’Some say it was not a suicide at all, and that Rex had his throat cut, ear to ear. The Mob again’ . Rumor is he did owe them money, couldn’t pay, and they did the old Mid-east Neck-Tie to take care of the matter. This all supposedly happened in the late 60s…rumor is that his screenplay for Nightmare In Wax was on the floor, beside the tub. I can’t wait for the article to come out. As I say, I knew Rex very briefly…nice guy. He co-wrote The Angry Breed, which I did the stunts on, and Hell’s Blood Devils, where I first met Al Adamson, Bud Cardos, and Sam Sherman. Years later, Al was killed…by his handyman who applied the “gulpe la muerta.” Al was found dead, wrapped in  gauze underneath his jacuzzi. I was a witness at the trial…Life and film, interchangeable as yesterday’s socks. I’m just sayin’…..

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