FREEDOM: MAMAFLAGE: To think, to dance, to work, to thrive, to be

We are watching via: Internet, tv, Skype, etc. a first in human history. We are watching a revolution unfold—much like the French, The American, The Russian, only this one is here and now, in Egypt. As usual, the people of that magic land, oppressed, ignored, unemployed, reduced to worker ant status, have had and as we all know, ARE IN massive revolt. Mubarak, the head of state, swears he will capitulate and hand the reins of power over to his vp…MAMAFLAGE i say!!! Just another cozy way to disguise and keep the same ol’!— Folks are not gonna’ go for it. So, will they be able to keep a revolutionary but civil, non-violent upheaval in the face of thuggery and brutality from the powers that be? We should all be sending them courage and love. They are gonna’ need it…I’m just sayin’….

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