Hard Times

Yes, friends, it is THAT time of the year again…and Dr. David Jones is throwing his annual Oscar Party—Black tie, red carpet, the works. Jones’ party has easily become the Austin entertainment event of the season, with “goody bags” full of swag, catered victuals, open bar, and several large screens carrying the festivities room to room. We are all supposed to pick our personal “winners”. Not having seen many of the films, I just fudged the judging. (Okay, then, Annette Benning, Colin Firth, Amy Adams, Geoffrey Rush, Best Picture–The Kings Speech). Its basically a big P.R. Campaign for the studios, but don’t tell that to those nominated. They live and die emotionally by the results. Being in the film biz, seems to me, is a lot like playing football. Chances are, now and then, you are going to get hurt. Better love the game a bit…you can put words to that and make a tune out of it…:)

Canadian Cineaste, film writer and blogger Andrew Lapointe (The Cinema Diary ) calls from Ottawa. “Interested in an interview?” “Sure, why not?” So, we are doing the deed this Monday, February 21. Andrew knows his movies, then and now, so this interview should be a bell-ringer. I’ll send along info on posting.

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