Lost ‘Pyramid’ found near White Rock Lake

A new article regarding Gary Kent’s infamous movie “The Pyramid” has been published online this month via the White Rock Lake Weekly! Gary has been hard at work to bring the film back to life by popular demand and is currently in the process of digitizing the legendary movie on DVD.

Antiques Roadshow would be proud of Jan Finno. She knew she had found a treasure when she stumbled across two huge, metal film canisters at an estate sale. What Finno found in the late Lou Bludworth’s house on White Rock Lake was an original copy of the 1970s film, “The Pyramid.” Written and directed by Hollywood stuntman Gary Kent, the movie was shot entirely in Dallas in 1975. Bludworth had provided the seed money to finance the project and received a copy of the completed film as a special thank you from Kent… Read the full article online by CLICKING HERE.

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