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The Power of The Pyramid

Well, who would have bloody thought it? Our early 70s, new agey film, The Pyramid opens tomorrow, Sunday, March 27, at Cinefamily, an adventurous, daring clan of cinema fans who habituate a wonderful theater on Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles. Owner Hdrian Belove tells us my film is “the only fictional narrative film to cover the […]

RAINY DAY FRIENDS, around the corner

Fed Ex pulls up in the middle of a gray, bland early spring morning in Austin, Texas. He is here on Chisholm Lane to pick up the 5 reels for my film, Rainy Day Friends, and ship them off to a lab in Burbank, California. Some tele-cine viewing, and we should have an answer demo […]

Bubba’s Gettin ‘ Edgy!

Actor/Stuntman Bob Ivy, (Bubba Ho-Tep), has been a house guest here at the Kent Manse for a couple of days. Drove all the way from Fort Worth so we could cook up a plan for Texas Frightmare Weekend, April 29,30, May 1. We have both decided that being a Special Guest is an honor, and […]

New HD Camera raging ’em out on Sunset and Vine.

Actually, folks are raving about the new High Def Camera ( Saw some ski footage shot with helmet rigging–incredible. Its making the buzz here in Austin, just as SXSW opens. Someone has made a whole feature with this camera. (it can fit easily in your ditty bag, Vilmos) I gotta’ see it. Are we losing […]