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Absence of bugs!

I have accepted a gig reading for John Herndon’s Literary Coffee House, Monday night. (Feb. 28)…and the Coffee House, I have found out, takes place at Austin Java, on South Lamar. Said Java joint is in what used to be Austin Terminex, the primo BUG ERADICATOR in the Horned City for thirty years. Terminex had […]

Hard Times

Yes, friends, it is THAT time of the year again…and Dr. David Jones is throwing his annual Oscar Party—Black tie, red carpet, the works. Jones’ party has easily become the Austin entertainment event of the season, with “goody bags” full of swag, catered victuals, open bar, and several large screens carrying the festivities room to […]


Don P. is working on repairing some carpentry stuff around my house. Don is a great guy…hard worker, raised on a farm in South Dakota, where you pretty much learned about life from the crops, the critters, and the neighbors. Me too. Don feels that those “old times” were the best. “Everthins’ gawn ta Helll […]

Good Time to be human

The sun is out in more ways than one. At least for now, the long winter of servitude for the Egyptian people seems to be over. Like many of you, I watch the joy of the people in the Cairo Streets with two major emotions…heartfelt happiness for them and their successful revolution; and pride–at once […]

FREEDOM: MAMAFLAGE: To think, to dance, to work, to thrive, to be

We are watching via: Internet, tv, Skype, etc. a first in human history. We are watching a revolution unfold—much like the French, The American, The Russian, only this one is here and now, in Egypt. As usual, the people of that magic land, oppressed, ignored, unemployed, reduced to worker ant status, have had and as […]

More Heat From The Airwaves

Hey, Francois Pointeau, that rascally radio raconteur, the guy doing the drive-time, vodka with lime time radio show for the literati, Writing On The Air, has invited me and pals author/filmmaker John Herndon and Director Andrew Thomas to chat with him on that very show this Wednesday, 6-7pm central 91.7 fm in Austin area. Or […]

Pete n Me n Todd rip it up on blog radio

42nd Street Pete and his compatriot, Todd, did a telephone interview with me for his Grindhouse Show, and we covered everything but the waterfront in 60 very short minutes. Pete’s Grindhouse will be broadcast this Saturday (Feb. 5) at 9pm Central over The Broadway Loopsters shout out that “42nd St. Pete, film historian and […]