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Cine Stuff

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42nd St. Pete, Andrew Lapointe, Francois Pointeau, Paul Parla…just a few of the interview-personalities that are doing reviews, interviews, and articles on your’s truly, and everything from Satan’s Sadists, to The Pyramid, to the Kitchen Sink. You might check “Media” or “Events” on the menu, if you want more info. Thanks, Gar/Bear

Not your usual smiley face stuff

Man goes in to take a bath. Plowee…! Police say they find him dead by gunshot…suicide note beside the tub. Owes movie money to the mob, can’t pay up..takes the usual way out. Just your typical, sad, unvarnished true Hollywood story. But wait…is it really?…The “Producer-Screenwriter” was Rex Carlton. (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Rebel […]

Gun Barrel Highway

Me? I’m sending my movie mojo over to the good folks putting together John Herdon’s excellent script, Gun Barrel Highway, for filming this year. All the energy in the local loop seems headed in that direction. John’s director, Andrew Thomas, just got a state of the art camera for Christmas. Damn, where was THAT SANTA  […]

Writing On The Air

Its official. Andrew Thomas, John Herndon, and myself will be guests on Francois Pointeau’s eclectic, sometimes funny, sometimes furious hour-long program, Writing On The Air, KOOP FM, Austin. Me n the boys are gonna’ be talking screenwriting, and in specific, our recent writing, casting and filming the Pyramid Lost and Found Featurette. We will be […]

stuff from Sector “G”

Just finished a sit down, telephone interview with Brian Albright, re: The Pyramid—Feature and Featurette. It is always great to talk with Brian. He is an accomplished film historian and writer–interviews, opinions, etc. Brian has several books published to his credit, i.e. Wild Beyond Belief, McFarland Press, 2008; and dozens of magazine articles and interviews. […]

Latest Film News

Deadly Little Lies This screenplay, written by Gary Kent and author/columnist Joe O’Connell, is receiving some well deserved attention from Producers, and could very likely be greenlighted in 2011. Set in a small town in Texas, Deadly Little Lies is a classic “Thriller,” loosely based on a true story of hate, deceit, mistaken identity, love […]