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42nd St. Pete n stuff

Had a great interview with Pete last Saturday night. Discussed Rainy Day Friends new DVD, among many other things…plus the diminishing concern for the public in seeing film on the big screen as opposed to handheld devices…somethings change, but this is an insult to cinema, everywhere…just sayin’…


What a great, creative way to start the New Year…getting the opportunity to work with Amanda Kimmerly and Robert Stikmanz on a reading of Robert’s short story, Death On The Toilet, and then filming a promo for Kickstarter. We get it going at the Bayless manse—the epi-center of South Austin, and laid it down. Can’t […]

Happy Days

My grand-daughter Nicolette and her mother, Celina, are visiting from L.A….arrive tomorrow, the 31st, New Year’s Eve…how about that? This is going to be wonderful. I haven’t seen Nico for a couple of years, and she now is almost grown, (17) and getting ready for college. Man o man, where does the time go?: Nico […]


Well, after Chris and I spent a wonderful Christmas at Barbara Robin’s for another great dinner (Barb being one of the best cooks in Austin) it is time to reflect, be grateful, clean house, and get ready for early visitors from Calif. On New Year’s Eve, my granddaughter Nico and her mom, Celina, are visiting […]

Festivus, New Year and much joy to all…

Well, a very Merry Christmas is in order, no matter the hour. It is almost bedtime on Christmas Eve here in Austin, and I am ready to snuggle in…it’s about 40 degrees out, and very rainy…I am wishing each and every one of you the best holidays of your life, and the same for 2012…I […]

DVD Rainy Day Friends is finished…Hurray!

The goal this year was to get the DVD of Rainy Day Friends, including “Special Features” section completed by Christmas. My editor, Drew Thomas, and I got the job done in grand style. I am very happy with it., Response so far has been awesome…and thanks also to Esai Morales, Lelia Goldoni, Chuck Bail, John […]

Holidaze and Holy Days

Network Austin Mixer was a great event. These folks are the loop, Austin wise, and they still are open and friendly to newbies. Besides meeting Donise and Gary, I ran into old pals Dean Reading, Gabrielle, Bee, Forrest et al. It’s great to now know where to go in Austin if you just want to […]

Austin Film Mixer

Well, tonights the night…we are meeting up at Baby Acapulcos on 135 North to hob-nob-jaw-jack, and listen to me pontificate on years in film…Be there, as we plan to kick it up a notch….

A Revolutionary Rennisance…kind of.

The Birthday Celebration and screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas was a huge success. The boys, Lars and Zack, were showing both The Pyramid and an old Steckler film, The Thrill Killers. I did a stunt gag with Lars to open the eve., he presents me with bottle of Champagne, we argue, he […]

Stuff n stuff

Prepping now for the screening of my film The Pyramid at the Alamo Ritz, in downtown Austin on June 7, (my birthday). Gonna’ do a q and a with Lars and Zack, then the screening. This will be followed by a showing of The Thrill Killers. Just what I dig, man, consciousness and serial killings. […]