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Spring is springing

Strange year, this last. Have put it to rest along with achievements and failures…if such things matter…The best days lie ahead, mate! Looks like I will be making a DVD release for Rainy Day Friends within days…Huzzah…I am jazzed about this, and will be making announcement soon. Things are also swirling around the cinematic loop […]

Stuff n stuff

Prepping now for the screening of my film The Pyramid at the Alamo Ritz, in downtown Austin on June 7, (my birthday). Gonna’ do a q and a with Lars and Zack, then the screening. This will be followed by a showing of The Thrill Killers. Just what I dig, man, consciousness and serial killings. […]

Cine Stuff

42nd St. Pete, Andrew Lapointe, Francois Pointeau, Paul Parla…just a few of the interview-personalities that are doing reviews, interviews, and articles on your’s truly, and everything from Satan’s Sadists, to The Pyramid, to the Kitchen Sink. You might check “Media” or “Events” on the menu, if you want more info. Thanks, Gar/Bear

“The Pyramid” DVDs have arrived!

DVDs for the special edition of my film The Pyramid are now available. You can purchase them exclusively through this website! Visit the Marketplace page for additional products, including signed copies of Shadows and Light: Journeys with Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood. This remastered DVD includes 17 minutes of special edition interviews with cast and crew […]