Movies, conventions, Bob Burns and Stuff

Had a great chat last night with Pete and Todd on Grindhouse Radio…surprise guest was the always enjoyable, affable Ken Kish from Cleveland’s Cinema Wasteland. Hadn’t talked with him for awhile, and we had some belly-thumping laughs…also, recalling Bob Burns, an Austin actor who introduced us to begin with. Bob did the sets for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as The Dark, and played the lead in Diary of A Serial Killer. Bob was a character and a half…much loved for his eccentricities…unfortunately, he passed away much too soon, several years ago.
Todd and Pete stayed on the line after the show was over, and we got a chance to talk film, life, love, and luck, for some time. All in all, another wonderful Saturday night in January., Thanks, Guys.

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