Writer’s Conference

What a bloody hoot!!! San Gabrielle Writer,s Conference just completed. Shared a table with my good buddy, Joe O’Connell (Evacuation Plan), and also bumped into Lester Morris, a droll writer from England who never fails to charm the pants right off the day, and his co-pilot, Denny Denniger, also a writer of note in the Austin area. It was great chatting it up with theses good blokes, and also met a charming agent, Liz Atherton, who’s son plays one of the leading roles in he Descendents (nominataed for Oscar as best flick). I also sold a lot of books to a small but appreciative plethora of
book lovers. So, all in all, it was a great weekend. I am looking forward to a nice Valentine’s Dinner, then back to work Wednesday being a housekeeper for the 7 pillows that eat, and maybe get some writing done…:0

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