Slack…a decieving mindset.

Am alll jazzed that it looks like Buddies Drew Thomas and John Herndon are close to rolling camera on their new film, working title “Frame Switch .” Drew has a totally new and unique approach to how various cameras manage to “catch” and “capture” different realities …it’s a gripping tale, as “now” as tomorrow morning…can’t wait.

All of the supposed “Golden Time” you have been promised in those “Golden Years” is a myth. Be warned…time goes by faster than ever…and you have all of those things to get done that you haven’t,
for years!!! All of those people to write, thank, ask after, all of those lovely, proud, vibrant animals that shared the journey, all of those dreams only dreamed, … there is no Golden Time, where ones sits on the porch, enjoying the simple buzz of fly…that time? it does not exist.

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