Good Times are here again!!!

Just returned from Cinema Wasteland, a Ken Kish extravaganza, pulled off with his usual panache and aplomb. 42nd St. Pete was there, and I got to meet his awesome dog, Bootz. Bootz has a backstory that would make a good noir movie. Wasteland went off extremely well, lots of fans and movie lovers crowded the Strongsville Holiday Inn for 3 full days and nights…spilled out of the bars into the parking lots, carrying their hilarity and their gin and tonics with them. I got to meet so many neat people…regular folks, sharing their love of film with me, and a bit of their life story in the bargain. Saturday night Pete and Ken did a surprise tribute to moi and my movies…what a hoot. Started with a Superman cartoon with my face supered on Superman ‘s torso…are you kidding me? Nope! Then Ken screened some scenes from some of my films…followed by he and Pete grilling me about those forty some years under the gun in Hollywood. Fans seemed to like it as we got a standing ovation at hour’s end. The film industry owes a bunch of kudos to folks like Ken and Pete, Greg Fuller, Art Ettinger, Adam, Sam, Pam, and so many others….that’s all I’m sayin…oh, and I sold out my book in the first two hours…:)

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