Cinemawasteland, 2013

Just returned from Cleveland, and Ken Kish’s Cinemawasteland Movie Expo. Man, o man, what a great time. I was one of several “celebrity guests”…and to my surprise, Ken and 42nd St. Pete (Pete Chiarella) put on a surprise tribute interview and retro of me and my work. It was all filmed for u-tube, and should be posted by now. It will also appear in Joe O’Connell’s documentary–Love and Other Stunts…sort of a recap of me and my life in film, my family and especially my marriage to the eclectic, electric, beautiful Tomi Barrett. Back to Cinemawasteland…after appearing at several similar celebrations around the globe, it is, in my humble opinion, the best of them all. Ken and wife Pam have made it fan friendly, treat their guests with dignity and respect, and manage to manage the unmanageable. I hope to return sometime in the not too distant future.

Am looking forward to more shooting on Frame Switch…the John Herndon script directed by Drew Thomas. We should finish major photography in May. Am also looking forward to my scenes in Ted Moehring’s Revenge of The Devil Bat. The script is well written, and hey, I get to be killed by a giant Bat…a first for this ol’ cinema soul! …more later, time to get some zzzzs.

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