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Tusitala—A Teller of Tales!

I finished a short filmed monologue for Robert Stikmanz’s CELEBRATION 3000…his personal Web-wide homage to all things artistic, inspirational, incendiary, musical, thoughtful, et al. I wrote and did a performance piece ona man who thinks he sees Jesus, sitting at a bus stop.

Pete n Me n Todd rip it up on blog radio

42nd Street Pete and his compatriot, Todd, did a telephone interview with me for his Grindhouse Show, and we covered everything but the waterfront in 60 very short minutes. Pete’s Grindhouse will be broadcast this Saturday (Feb. 5) at 9pm Central over The Broadway Loopsters shout out that “42nd St. Pete, film historian and […]

“The Pyramid” DVDs have arrived!

DVDs for the special edition of my film The Pyramid are now available. You can purchase them exclusively through this website! Visit the Marketplace page for additional products, including signed copies of Shadows and Light: Journeys with Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood. This remastered DVD includes 17 minutes of special edition interviews with cast and crew […]